Pilita Bell-Sleeve Barong Tagalog (Cream)

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The Barong Tagalog is the Philippines' national attire. Traditionally worn by men and made of pineapple leaf fabric (Piña), the Barong Tagalog is now a universally loved dress-shirt for all genders and nationalities.

The Pilita Bell-Sleeve Barong Tagalog is a chic oversize blouse featuring sheer statement bell sleeves, stunning embroidery and pearl-like buttons. It is the perfect blouse for formal events, weddings and corporate wear.


All our pieces are proudly handmade in the Philippines, though this means our sizes may differ from standard Australian sizing. Please use our size guide to check which size is right for you.

Fabric & Care

Materials: Silk Organza

Our garments are handmade using delicate fabrics and materials. For more information on caring for your Mestiza Filipina piece, visit our Care Instructions Page.