Mabuhay! Welcome to Mestiza Filipina. We are a Filipino-Australian family-owned Philippine fashion boutique based in Brisbane, Australia. Our collection is a curation of authentic Filipiniana designed for modern fashion. Our garments and accessories are handmade by artisans in the Philippines and obtained through fair trade. We're proud of our Filipino heritage and aim to showcase our rich culture through fashion with Filipiniana. We have been operating in Brisbane for over a decade through organic, word-of-mouth sales from our family's private collection and Philippine fashion shows. We're experts in styling Filipiniana and take pride in the exquisitely designed garments we offer to the public.

Mestiza Filipina aims to make Filipino culture and fashion accessible, through providing quality, stylish and affordable garments and accessories. We've had many years of training and experience in styling Philippine cultural attire, through mentorship from Brisbane's most respected Filipino Cultural Dance Choreographer, Maria Lourdes 'Merly' Elicano Parkinson.

Merly has been performing traditional Philippine folk dance since she was in kindergarten and has continued her performance career for over 50 years. In Australia, Merly has amassed one of the largest Filipiniana collections in the country through her performance career and professional dance team, 'Mabuhay Philippines Group.'

Merly has passed down her knowledge and expertise of Philippine fashion and history to her Filipino-Australian children, Louisa and Anthony. 'Mestiza Filipina' is an homage to their mixed heritage, to their cultural connection to Philippines through Philippine folk dance, and to their life experience growing up in both Australia and the Philippines.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our store! Please don't be shy to reach out to us for assistance with your purchase.

Maraming Salamat!