Our garments are proudly hand-made in the Phillipines using delicate fabrics and materials. As such they require care when cleaning.

To launder your Mestiza Filipina pieces, we recommend steam cleaning or surface cleaning by wiping problem areas with a damp cloth.

A delicate hand wash with gentle laundry detergents is also safe for the majority of our garments. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. We recommend only soaking for up to 30 minutes, followed by a thorough rinse with cool running water.

Wringing your garment may cause it to loose it’s shape, so we recommend laying the piece out in its natural shape on a fresh towel to dry, or hanging it up and allow to air dry. Do not tumble dry and make sure you keep the item out of direct sunlight.

Most delicate items will be wrinkled after laundering. We recommend steaming for the best and safest finish. If ironing, use the lowest temperature setting and iron on the wrong side of the fabric. Using pressing cloth, such as a tea towel or t-shirt, between the iron and item will be safest on embellished pieces.

Mestiza Filipina pieces with highly detailed embellishments are recommended to be assessed and cleaned by a professional laundry service.