Filipino fashion is experiencing a renaissance, as a new generation of talented and creative designers redefine the boundaries of traditional Filipiniana clothing. These contemporary designers are inspired by the rich cultural heritage and impeccable craftsmanship that underpins Filipino design, yet they are eager to infuse their creations with a modern sensibility that appeals to a global audience.

In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of the most innovative modern Filipino designers who are creating stunning Filipiniana garments. We invite you to discover and appreciate the unique artistry of these exceptional talents, whose passion for design transcends geographic and cultural borders. Gain insights into their design philosophies, their influences, and the techniques they employ to create their captivating Filipiniana collections.

Join us on this fascinating exploration of the modern Filipino designers we love at Mestiza Filipina, and learn how their creations shape the future of Filipino fashion worldwide. As passionate advocates for celebrating Filipino heritage through fashion, we are excited to share our admiration for these skilled artisans with you and introduce you to their exquisite Filipiniana garments that beautifully blend tradition and innovation.

Let Mestiza Filipina guide you in discovering the world of modern Filipino designers and their breathtaking Filipiniana collections. Come, be inspired, and celebrate the vibrant future of Filipino fashion unfolding before your eyes.

1. Celebrating the Creativity and Vision of Filipino Fashion Designers

a. Patis Tesoro: Known as the "Queen of Filipino Fashion," Patis Tesoro is a leading figure in the world of modern Filipiniana design. Her commitment to revitalising traditional Filipino clothing and her passion for sustainability and eco-friendly materials has made her a role model within the fashion industry. Tesoro's unique designs often feature intricate embroidery and showcase exquisite handwoven indigenous textiles, ensuring that every garment is a timeless work of art.

b. Rajo Laurel: As one of the Philippines' most renowned fashion designers, Rajo Laurel has made a name for himself with his innovative and elegant creations. Influenced by both Filipino and global styles, Laurel's designs carry a sophisticated and modern appeal while preserving the spirit of traditional Filipiniana fashion. His collections often feature bold, contemporary silhouettes and striking colour combinations, making them popular among fashion-forward individuals.

2. Pushing the Boundaries of Filipiniana Fashion with Innovative Techniques

a. Lenora Cabili: Founder of the fashion brand Filip + Inna, Lenora Cabili is renowned for her efforts to revive traditional Filipino weaving, embroidery, and beadwork techniques. Her label aims to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, creating Filipiniana garments that are both stylish and rooted in cultural heritage. By working with local artisans and employing their age-old practices, Cabili ensures that her designs pay homage to the rich cultural history of the Philippines while supporting the livelihood of skilled craftsmen.

b. Mich Dulce: Renowned milliner and fashion designer Mich Dulce is known for her daring and contemporary interpretations of traditional Filipiniana attire. Her collections often feature avant-garde design elements and materials, such as sculptural acrylic panelling, to create truly unique and bold garments that challenge conventional expectations. Dulce's work is an inspiring example of how modern designers can push the envelope in Filipiniana fashion and create innovative, statement-making pieces.

3. Championing Sustainability and Filipino Artisanship

a. Zarah Juan: Designer Zarah Juan is a trailblazer in ethically sourced and sustainably made Filipino fashion. Her brand combines the art of traditional Filipino craftsmanship with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, using locally sourced materials and partnering with indigenous communities. Juan's designs pay tribute to the Philippines' diverse cultural heritage, featuring intricate embellishments, vibrant colours, and unique patterns inspired by Filipino history and folklore.

b. Amarie Lagura: Amarie Lagura, co-founder of Eustacia's fashion brand, is a strong advocate for Filipino artisanship and sustainability. Her dedication to eco-friendly practices and support for local artisans is evident in Eustacia's modern Filipiniana attire, which reflects an innovative approach to traditional design. Lagura's collections often incorporate handwoven textiles and upcycled materials, showcasing her commitment to sustainability while promoting the richness of Filipino craftsmanship.

4. Preserving Filipino Culture and Craftsmanship for Future Generations

a. Vinta Gallery: Founded by Caroline Mangosing, Vinta Gallery is a Toronto-based fashion brand that champions the preservation and evolution of traditional Filipino art and culture through fashion. They specialise in creating modern, handcrafted Filipiniana attire that honours the history and craftsmanship of the Philippines while appealing to contemporary fashion lovers. Their bespoke, limited-run collections feature traditional textiles, hand embroidery, and beadwork, ensuring that each garment is a celebration of Filipino heritage.

b. Tipay Caintic: A rising star in the world of Filipino fashion, Tipay Caintic makes her mark with unique designs that pay homage to her Filipino roots. Caintic's collections embrace indigenous textiles, natural fibres, and traditional hand embroidery techniques while maintaining a modern aesthetic. She is passionate about supporting local communities and preserving traditional Filipino artisanship, positioning herself as a vanguard of sustainable Filipino fashion.


Modern Filipino designers are redefining the landscape of Filipiniana fashion with their unique approaches, innovative techniques, and dedication to the preservation of cultural heritage. Their stunning creations continue to capture the hearts and minds of fashion enthusiasts internationally, ensuring that the artistry and history of the Philippines are celebrated and admired worldwide.

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Written by Louisa Parkinson

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