The Philippines is home to many talented fashion designers who have made their mark on the international fashion scene. Armed with a deep understanding of Filipino heritage and culture, these artists deftly weave traditional elements and contemporary trends to create visually stunning pieces that are both stylish and deeply rooted in history. Many of these creations have graced the red carpet, elite events, and have been worn by celebrities – not only in the Philippines but also around the world.

But we know that not everyone can afford to splurge on a designer outfit or travel to the Philippines to shop for authentic pieces. That's where Mestiza Filipina comes into play, as purveyors of handmade Philippine dresses, Barong Tagalog, and other contemporary Filipiniana clothing imbued with the essence of Filipino culture. We believe everyone should have access to high-quality, authentic, and affordable Filipiniana attire that can elevate your wardrobe, no matter where you may be.

In this article, we will spotlight some top modern Filipino designers and the captivating creations they have brought to life. We'll also share tips on bringing their looks to life using Mestiza Filipina's collection of handcrafted garments. By the end of this fashion journey, you'll be armed with fresh inspiration and practical advice on how to incorporate Filipino design elements into your wardrobe – be it for your dream Filipiniana wedding dress, an elegant gala outfit, a formal office ensemble, or a casual yet sophisticated day out.

From the glamorous creations of Monique Lhuillier and the ethereal beauty of Rajo Laurel's designs to the bold and vibrant looks by Michael Cinco, the world of modern Filipino designers is a treasure trove of inspiration. And with Mestiza Filipina's curated collection, you can bring your favourite designs to life with authentic, handcrafted, and accessible pieces that celebrate the timeless charm of Filipino fashion.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey into the spectacular world of modern Filipino fashion and explore ways to translate these designer creations into wearable, versatile ensembles using Mestiza Filipina's curated collection of authentic, expertly crafted Filipiniana attire.

Filipino Designers: A Guided Tour Through Their Signature Creations

1. Monique Lhuillier: Romance, Elegance, and Red-Carpet Glamour

Born and raised in the Philippines, Monique Lhuillier has become synonymous with red-carpet glamour, show-stopping bridal gowns, and feminine silhouettes. Her exquisite designs are well-known for featuring delicate lace, intricate embroidery, and luxurious fabrics.

Recreating the Look with Mestiza Filipina:

To capture the essence of Monique Lhuillier's romantic and elegant aesthetic, opt for a Mestiza dress adorned with delicate lace and exquisite beadwork, creating a refined and sophisticated look perfect for a Filipiniana-themed wedding. Pair your Mestiza dress with subtle accessories, strappy heels, and a soft updo to accentuate the feminine charm that Monique Lhuillier's creations embody.

2. Rajo Laurel: A Fusion of Ethereal Artistry and Modern Sensibilities

Rajo Laurel, one of the Philippines' most renowned fashion designers, is beloved for his unique blend of ethereal beauty and modern design. His stunning collections often feature bold colours, intricate patterns, and architectural silhouettes that effortlessly fuse Filipino tradition with contemporary flair.

Recreating the Look with Mestiza Filipina:

Channel Rajo Laurel's innovative design approach by selecting a modern Barong Tagalog or Kimona blouse with eye-catching patterns, vibrant hues, and avant-garde styling from Mestiza Filipina's collection. Complete the look with sleek trousers or a streamlined skirt, statement accessories, and on-trend footwear for an alluring take on Filipino fashion that pays tribute to Rajo Laurel's artistic vision.

3. Michael Cinco: Grandeur, Opulence, and Cinematic Splendour

Internationally acclaimed designer Michael Cinco has earned a reputation for his lavish, opulent creations that have graced numerous red carpets and high-profile events. Known for his stunning gowns, Cinco's designs exude grandeur and splendour, often featuring luxurious fabrics, intricate detailing, and dramatic silhouettes.

Recreating the Look with Mestiza Filipina:

Emulate Michael Cinco's penchant for grandiosity by choosing a dramatic Terno from Mestiza Filipina's collection, featuring the iconic butterfly sleeves, intricate embroidery, and lush fabrics that exude opulence. Accessorize with statement jewellery, bold makeup, and glamorous heels to create a spellbinding Filipiniana ensemble that echoes Cinco's dramatic, cinematic style.

4. Francis Libiran: Architectural Elegance and Timeless Sophistication

Francis Libiran's designs masterfully fuse architectural principles with fashion, resulting in elegant and sophisticated creations that showcase his skill as both an architect and a designer. Known for his structured silhouettes, clean lines, and geometric patterns, Libiran's work is a testament to the power of blending traditional Filipino elements with contemporary design aesthetics.

Recreating the Look with Mestiza Filipina:

To capture Francis Libiran's essence of architectural elegance, opt for a modern Barong Tagalog crafted with clean lines, structured silhouettes, and geometric embroidery from Mestiza Filipina's collection. Complement your Barong Tagalog with tailored trousers, minimalist accessories, and sleek footwear for a sophisticated and contemporary look that honours Francis Libiran's innovative design approach.


With the vast array of talented Filipino designers gracing the fashion world, it's never been easier to find inspiration and guidance for creating your style that pays tribute to the incredible richness of Filipino culture. Using Mestiza Filipina's curated collection of authentic, handcrafted Filipiniana attire, you can recreate these designers' stunning looks and make a bold, unforgettable statement.

At Mestiza Filipina, we believe that Filipino fashion and heritage should be accessible and cherished by everyone, regardless of their location. Our dedication to showcasing the beauty and artistry of Filipino craftsmanship ensures that each garment reflects the country's rich cultural history and is a testament to the brilliance of Filipino designers.

Discover the magic of authentic Filipino fashion and elevate your wardrobe with Mestiza Filipina's exquisite collection of Filipiniana attire inspired by the country's most talented designers. Explore our curated range now and let modesty intertwine with style, craftsmanship, and cultural pride as you create the perfect modern Filipiniana ensemble for any occasion.

Written by Louisa Parkinson

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