The beautiful and vibrant world of Filipiniana fashion not only preserves the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines but also holds immense potential for promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices within the fashion industry. As consumers worldwide continue to seek out sustainable, ethically made garments that align with their values and beliefs, Mestiza Filipina is proud to uphold our commitment to responsible and environmentally conscious fashion. By embracing eco-friendly practices, supporting local communities, and placing emphasis on preserving our planet's precious resources, we aim to pave the way for a brighter, greener future in the realm of Filipiniana fashion.

In this blog article, we will delve into the various sustainable practices that underpin our collection of authentic, modern Filipiniana attire. We will explore how Mestiza Filipina's eco-friendly approach incorporates a careful selection of materials, responsible production processes, and meaningful collaboration with talented Philippine artisans. Furthermore, we will examine the broader implications of sustainable Filipiniana fashion, including its potential for empowering and uplifting local communities and championing the importance of environmental stewardship within the fashion industry.

1. Ethical Sourcing of Materials

A core aspect of sustainability in fashion revolves around the source of materials used to create garments. Mestiza Filipina believes in the importance of using ethically sourced, eco-friendly materials for our products. Key examples of these materials include:

Indigenous Fibres: Embracing the use of locally sourced fibres, such as piña (pineapple fibre), abaca (banana fibre), and jusi (silk), not only showcases the robust heritage of Filipiniana fashion but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with importing foreign materials.

Responsibly Harvested Fabrics: By choosing to work with suppliers and artisans who adhere to responsible harvesting and manufacturing processes, Mestiza Filipina ensures that the materials used in our garments align with our commitment to environmental stewardship.

2. Support for Local Artisans and Communities

Mestiza Filipina's passion for supporting and empowering local communities and artisans lies at the heart of our eco-friendly approach to Filipiniana fashion. This ongoing commitment is demonstrated through the following:

Collaboration with Skilled Artisans: By partnering with talented Philippine artisans, we not only preserve traditional techniques and cultural heritage but also generate sustainable economic opportunities for creators and their families, consequently uplifting entire communities.

Fair Compensation: Ensuring that artisans receive fair payment for their skills and labour is essential in fostering sustainable livelihoods. Mestiza Filipina is committed to upholding ethical labour practices across our supply chain.

3. Minimising Waste and Embracing Sustainable Production Processes

Adopting sustainable production processes and minimising waste are crucial elements of Mestiza Filipina's eco-friendly approach to Filipiniana fashion. To achieve our sustainability goals, we focus on:

Thoughtful Design: Our design process places importance on timeless, versatile pieces that can be worn in various settings, thus reducing the need for excessive consumption and encouraging a 'buy less, wear more' mentality.

Waste Reduction: Careful planning and efficient use of materials during the production process help minimise waste. Additionally, we implement creative solutions such as upcycling offcuts to create unique accessories or repurposing them for other projects.

4. Educating and Raising Awareness for Sustainable Fashion

Mestiza Filipina is committed to raising awareness and educating consumers about the importance of sustainable Filipiniana fashion. This collective effort involves:

Transparency and Communication: Sharing information about our eco-friendly practices, production processes, and supply chain allows customers to make informed purchasing decisions that align with their values.

Influencing the Fashion Industry: As a pioneer in sustainable Filipiniana fashion, Mestiza Filipina aims to inspire and influence other industry stakeholders to adopt eco-friendly practices, thereby fostering a collective movement towards a more sustainable fashion future.


Mestiza Filipina's passion for sustainable Filipiniana fashion and unwavering commitment to the environment and local communities reflects our dedication to preserving our planet's precious resources. By embracing eco-friendly practices across the entire fashion process – from sourcing materials to supporting artisans and minimising waste – we aim to lead the Filipiniana fashion industry into a greener, more responsible future.

As consumers, every choice we make has an impact on our world. Choosing sustainable fashion not only supports designers and brands that care about people and the planet, but it also allows us to wear our values with pride. Authentically crafted and consciously designed, Mestiza Filipina's collection of modern Filipiniana outfits offers a beautifully sustainable way to celebrate Philippine culture and heritage.

Rediscover the beauty, elegance, and sustainability of Filipiniana fashion with Mestiza Filipina. Join us as we celebrate our commitment to preserving the environment, empowering local communities, and creating breathtaking, eco-friendly Philippine attire that you can wear with pride and joy. Shop now!

Written by Louisa Parkinson

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